About Me

"Hey There", I'm Lisa (also known as "The Bargain Boss Lady"), and I'm thrilled you found my shop which I am so proud of. 

I grew up buying a lot of second hand items and I have to say how glad I was to find people like me that took the time to make sure I could still fit in having nice clothes that were still in style for a reasonable price. I wanted to make sure that I can continue that service for others. 

Let me give you a little info on me. I have been married for more than 25 years to the same wonderful man, and he has gifted me with some of the most coveted titles...Wife, Mother, Mimi. I love everyone of them! I also love Thrifting, The Goddess, & Harley Davidson (not always in that order).  Always the Height of Fashion 1975

Finding a great bargain has always been for me, a feeling of satisfaction like no other. The hunter rewarded for her keen eye & patience with a brand new, tags still in the front pocket, PRADA tote bag!!….I digress, that happened one time, and I got so excited they asked me to quietly leave (I refuse to be ashamed that I yelled like a 4 year old that just saw Santa).

But you know what makes me more excited than that PRADA bag? Sharing the kill with my fellow bargain hunters!!! Well, you know what I mean. It is so exciting for me to find great quality items that are either BRAND NEW or LIKE NEW, and share them with someone you know will really appreciate them.


Thank you for stopping by!